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Reasons to Get Your CDL & Become a Truck Driver

CDL student with training truck

Truck Drivers are in VERY HIGH DEMAND!

The US has a severe driver shortage of over 60,000 drivers and this number is expected to continue to increase! 

This skilled driver shortage is caused by many old CDL drivers retiring and the demand for transportation continues to grow at an all-time high due to the e-commerce boom and companies like Amazon. 

Now is the best time to get your CDL. Start on your Road to Freedom!

High Paying Career Full of Adventure

Due to the huge CDL driver shortage companies are doing anything they can to attract new truck drivers. 

Many trucking companies continue to raise their pay, as well as add great perks like tuition reimbursement, sign-on bonuses and sweet employee benefit packages.

Lifetime Job Placement

Driving Academy offers Lifetime Job Placement for all students which means we will help you find a job that you love until the day you die. 

We are not like other CDL schools where they have you sign a contract with any random company. We believe that you should be free to choose where you would like to work.

With our industry connections even our newest drivers with no real experience find work driving a truck or bus; whether LOCAL or OVER THE ROAD!

A CDL License Gives You Career Options

Never feel stuck at your career again! Once you have a CDL, there are so many different things you can do. You can change the type of truck you drive. For example, with a CDL Class A you are able to drive large tractor trailers or smaller trucks such as box trucks, garbage trucks, cement trucks and dump trucks. 

You can also change the industry you are in so the opportunities are limitless! With a CDL, you have many career choices. If you want to stay local and come home daily there are many careers to choose from. If your dream is to see the country, there are many awesome jobs waiting for you.  The cool thing is you get to pick the future you are looking for!

Driving Academy's #1 Mission:
Help 1,000,000 people on their ROAD TO FREEDOM

We Offer 3 Types of CDL Training & Testing

Driving Academy

Class A CDL allows you to drive any combination of vehicles with gross combination weight rating of 26,001 lb or more provided towed vehicle is heavier than 10,000 pounds.

Driving Academy

Class B CDL is required to operate a single vehicle with a gross combination weight rating of 26,001 lb or more, or tow a vehicle not heavier than 10,000 pounds.

Driving Academy

Class B + P CDL allows you to drive large passenger buses (26,000 lb or more and carrying 16+ passengers) and any other Class B vehicles.

Why Should You Choose Driving Academy?

What Is The Difference Between Other Truck Driving Schools & Driving Academy?

  • Guaranteed Training Programs Available
  • Payment Plans that Start as Low as $500 Down
  • You Get to Pick Your Training Schedule
  • Open 7 Days Per Week
  • Free Life time Job Placement
  • Certified Third Party Testing Site Available
  • State of the Art Simulator Training
  • CDL Class A, CDL Class B, CDL Class B + P
  • Accept Students Nationwide
  • Proud Partner of O.U.R – Stopping Child Sex Trafficking

Guaranteed CDL Training

Programs Available

We are one of the few CDL schools if not the only school who offers a GUARANTEED TRAINING PROGRAM. This CDL training program is the best program to enroll in if you want guaranteed results that helps you walk away with the CDL you are looking for! The guaranteed courses come with over 100 hours of CDL training to get you prepared for all parts of earning a CDL (Permit & Road Test) as well as UNLIMITED attempts on the CDL road test. This means you will pay one price and we keep taking you for the road test until you pass at no extra cost to you. We will not give up on you until you get the CDL you are after!

Plans As Low As $500

There are 2 ways you can pay for your CDL training with Driving Academy. You can pay for the course in full or our more popular option is that you can pay with an interest-free payment plan. You can start off with as little as $500 down and we can work out a custom payment plan for the rest. You will make the payments as you are training with us and everything must be paid in full before you finish the CDL course.

Open 7 Days Per Week

One of the great things about being a student at our Driving Academy is that we offer CDL training 7 days per week, and we let our students pick their own training days. 

We understand that life is busy that is why we can fit around anyone’s needs with our flexible schedule. You can come in part time or full time. You attend daytime, nighttime, weekends or a mix of all 3 options. 

We understand that most of our students still have bills to pay and their everyday life cannot be paused, and you cannot afford to take time off from work.  You will see the majority of our students come to school part time and learn using our flexible course schedule.

Now Offering
CDL Training

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 9:00pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Lifetime CDL Job Placement

All of our students get a nice perk of our Lifetime Job Placement program. This means it is our job to help you find a job for the rest of your life. Lifetime to use truly means life time which means we are here to help you up until the day you die. 

Many students who go to other schools have a hard time finding work right out of school because they run to the problem where they can only find companies that want to hire drivers with experience. When you are a Driving Academy Graduate you benefit from our connections with companies that are looking to drivers with out experience. 

We like to say after coming o our school finding the job is the easy part. Also be aware if you are in need of any other work in the future you can come back any time and we can help you.

Certified Third Party Testing Site

Driving Academy is one of the few schools in the country that can train you as well as provide the CDL Road Test.  We are a certified third-party tester which gives us the ability to test anyone in the country with a CDL Permit.

So think about this, not only are we the ones training you the same experts will guide you through the Road Test.  Since we do both, we know exactly how to train you to pass with flying colors!

If you train at a school that is not a third-party tester you will have to take your CDL road test with the DMV which is not a fun experience. So, keep things simple and become a student at Driving Academy Today.

Free Demo on a simulator TODAY!

State of the Art Simulator Training at Driving Academy

Simulation training is a part of every course here at Driving Academy. We are one of the few schools in the US that can offer this as part of a CDL training program. These simulators will give you years of experience within a few days of simulation training. They get our students ready to master skills like shifting and driving on the road in a safe environment. Come in for a school tour and get a free demo on a simulator!

3 Types of CDL Training

Driving Academy offers 3 different types of CDL truck driving programs:

This means we can help anyone who is interested in getting a CDL. Many CDL schools cannot offer a wide variety of options for your future if you want to learn how to drive a tractor trailer, a bus, a cement truck or a box truck.  If you don’t know what you want to drive, our CDL instructors can still help guide you in the right direction.


Accepting Students Nationwide

 Our plan is to continue to open school locations throughout the US, however, as of now all of our CDL schools are located in New Jersey; Jackson Township, Linden, and Wayne, NJ. That being said, we have already had students enroll from all parts of the US including students who have come from Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, New York, Texas, and so many more. 

We are able to train and test you no matter what state you currently live in. The way it works is that you must get the CDL permit in your own state first. Then, we would train you to pass the CDL road test. That will be followed by us giving you the CDL road test at our third-party testing site. Once you pass, we will send your test results back to your home state. 

You will then be able to get your CDL once you go back to your local DMV office. You can tell them that you have passed your road test. They will look it up in their system to see that you are now on THE ROAD TO FREEDOM!

Proud Partner of O.U.R

We have partnered up with a nonprofit organization called Operation Underground Railroad. They help free kids from human sex trafficking. Every time we enroll a new student we automatically donate a portion of their tuition to this Nonprofit. This turns all of our students into what we like to call Freedom Drivers. They are getting on their road to freedom for themselves by earning a CDL, but they are also helping these children become truly free as well. Become a Freedom Driver today and Help others while helping yourself at the same time. It’s a no brainer!

Need To Know More About Driving Academy?​

Take a virtual tour so you can take the next step to getting on your Road to Freedom.

See How So Many Are Already On The Road To Freedom!

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be at least 18 years old with a VALID Drivers License. You must be 21 or older if you want to travel outside of your home state for work.

You must get a DOT physical completed at a DOT Certified Doctor. If you can visit our doctor in New Jersey, he can perform the physical for $100. Give us a call for more details at 908.525.3609

No you do not! We have many types of CDL courses available at Driving Academy. We have CDL half courses available for people who already have their permit. This course will get you ready to pass the CDL road test.

You ONLY need 3 things in order to get your CDL.

  1. Valid Drivers License
  2. Be healthy enough to pass a DOT physical
  3. Have a Social Security Number

The CDL road test can only be done in English. This means you will have to understand verbal directions in English to take the test. However, the written tests can be done in Spanish or English. Driving Academy has instructors that can speak Spanish and help you get ready for the CDL road test!

Yes, as long as your driver’s license is still valid you can get a CDL. When you sign up with our CDL school, we will even help you find a job with our lifetime Job Placement Program!

Yes, you can do a CDL road test in a truck that features an automatic transmission! However, you will have an automatic restriction on your CDL license if you do.

Driving Academy offers BOTH types of transmission options. Our students pick whether they want a truck with an automatic or manual transmission.

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