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How Long Does It Take to Complete Truck Driving School and Earn a CDL?

How Long Does It Take to Complete Truck Driving School and Earn a CDL?

Becoming a professional truck driver takes less time than many people think. At Driving Academy in Linden, New Jersey, and serving students nationwide, we offer CDL driver training where you can train in your own time.

Here, we discuss how long it takes to complete truck driving school and earn a CDL.

Work Around Your Schedule

The programs at Driving Academy consist of more than 100 hours of classroom, simulator, and road training. However, how you complete your hours is up to you. Full-time students can complete their training in about a month.

We are open seven days a week and offer classes during the day, nights, and weekends, so you can keep up with your other obligations while finishing truck driving school.

Here are the programs Driving Academy offers. All these programs are flexible enough to work around your schedule.

Full Courses

Driving Academy’s full CDL truck driving school courses are designed to take students from zero to hero in professional driving. The full courses start with classroom training to help students pass the written exams, which will earn them a valid CDL permit. Students are then brought to the yard and trained to successfully pass the CDL road test.

Our full courses include a limited number of truck rentals for the CDL road test, as well as our lifetime job placement program. However, they do not come with unlimited road test attempts like our Guaranteed Training Course does.

Half Courses

Half courses are designed for students who already have a CDL permit. If a student already possesses a valid CDL permit, there is no need to start with classroom training. Half courses will start a student with yard training. In the Driving Academy yard, we train you to pass the very difficult two-and-a-half-hour CDL road test.

Our yard training can be divided into three main categories:

  • Pre-Trip inspection training
  • Basic skills and parking maneuvers
  • Proper road driving

These courses come with a limited number of road test rentals.

Guaranteed Training Courses

Driving Academy features a guaranteed training course. The guaranteed training courses offer classroom training to prepare students for and to pass the written tests. Upon passing the written tests, students receive their CDL permits. This program also includes yard and road training to prepare students to pass the CDL road test. These courses usually include over 100 hours of training in and out of the classroom. They are built for people who take their future CDL career very seriously.

We are so confident in the success of this course that anyone who has enrolled in the guaranteed training course will have unlimited road test attempts and vehicle rentals. This means students enrolled in this program have unlimited tries to pass all CDL testing, both written and road exams. As long as the student shows up and participates in all of the scheduled training and re-training, Driving Academy will stick with them until they earn their CDL.

Refresher Courses

If you already have a CDL but haven’t used it in a while, Driving Academy offers refresher training courses.

Sometimes, potential employers require a refresher course. It may also be required if you do not have any recent over-the-road trucking experience. We are here to help you shake off the rust and get you back into the driver’s seat.

During our refresher course, we will train you on how to inspect your truck inside and out and how to park your tractor-trailer. You also receive training in road driving, either with a manual or automatic transmission.

Custom Corporate Training Courses

Driving Academy also offers group and corporate training options. We can help your team with refresher courses. We can also set up a time for your team to come to us. For larger groups, we might be able to come to you. Give our office a call for more information at 908-525-3609.

Programs Offered at Driving Academy

Driving Academy in Linden, NJ, offers three d CDL programs.

Class A CDL

A Class A CDL is for driving tractor-trailers or vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 lbs. and have a trailer that weighs more than 10,000 pounds. Once you have a Class A CDL, you can also drive a Class B vehicle.

Class B CDL

A Class B CDL is for box trucks and delivery trucks. A Class B vehicle is described as any vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds with no trailer. If there is a trailer, it must weigh than 10,000 pounds. Some examples of Class B vehicles include box trucks, cement trucks, garbage trucks, and delivery trucks.

Class B+P CDL

The Class B+P CDL is for vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 pounds and have a carrier with 16 or more passengers. A passenger bus is an example of a Class B vehicle. Once you have a CDL Class B+P license, you can also drive any other Class B vehicle. The “P” is an endorsement that allows drivers to carry passengers.

Complete Truck Driving School at Driving Academy and Earn a CDL

Students who want to earn a CDL have many choices, but Driving Academy offers its students plenty of perks, including:

  • Affordable payment plans that start at just $500 down
  • Certified third-party testing site available
  • Flexible training schedules
  • Lifetime job placement for graduates
  • State-of-the-art simulator training

We offer guaranteed CDL truck and bus training without the fear of failure at our Linden, New Jersey, location. We also accept students from anywhere in the United States. If you’re ready to earn your CDL, contact us today to learn more about our CDL truck driver training programs.