About CDL Driving Academy in Jackson Township, New Jersey

Get the necessary skills and knowledge needed to earn your CDL to pursue a meaningful career on the open road.

Why Choose CDL Driving Academy?

At CDL Driving Academy in Jackson Township, NJ, we give people the skills and knowledge needed to earn their commercial driver’s license (CDL) and pursue a meaningful career on the open road. Serving Central and South New Jersey, we offer comprehensive training programs to individuals who wish to earn their CDL, as well as courses that allow drivers to brush up on their skills. Learn more about our CDL driving school and the advantages our Jackson Township, New Jersey campus provides students.

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21st Century Driving School

Some people believe driving schools are dry and dull and avoid the process of earning a license altogether — even if the idea of operating a commercial vehicle sounds appealing. CDL Driving Academy Jackson works to correct that assumption by offering a driving school that was built with the modern mindset of the 21st century in mind.

Our CDL driver training programs are designed to teach students the information they need to be successful drivers in an engaging manner. Our courses use state-of-the-art technology along with first-class teaching methods that produce lifelong results. Different types of courses offered at the Jackson, New Jersey, location include:

  • Guaranteed training courses: In this all-in-one CDL training program, students will receive over 100 hours of classroom and hands-on training to learn all the content they need to pass the CDL examination. They are also granted unlimited road test attempts.
  • Full courses: Students can begin their quest of earning their CDL by taking full courses that incorporate classroom and field teaching methods.
  • Half courses: A great option for students who already have passed the written exam and have their permit, our half courses focus on field training to prepare students for CDL road testing.
  • Refresher courses: Those who already have their CDL can brush up on their commercial driving skills with our refresher course.
  • Custom corporate training courses: Companies who require their employees to have a CDL can take advantage of our custom corporate training courses. We will teach your entire workforce to offer the quickest results and get your team certified.

Our Instructors

The success of our driving school begins with our world-class instructors. At CDL Driving Academy Jackson, we believe it takes more than real-world experience to make an instructor an effective teacher. Besides having years of professional experience, all of our teachers at the Jackson, New Jersey, location have gone through intensive teaching training courses. Students enrolled at either of our driving campuses can rest assured they are being instructed by some of the best educators in the industry.

Affiliation with Earle Companies

The recent expansion of CDL Driving Academy Jackson into Jackson, New Jersey, was made possible when the owner of The Earle Companies purchased the first franchise. Known as one of the largest heavy civil construction companies in New Jersey, The Earle Companies’ trucking, paving, and asphalt work is found all over New Jersey roadways and highways.

This partnership affords students at the Jackson campus the unique benefit of potentially entering the industry directly after earning their CDL and achieving meaningful careers on the open road. Some positions students may seek at The Earle Companies include:

  • Bridge or water superintendent
  • Field or project engineer
  • Gauge technician
  • Lowboy driver
  • Road mechanic
  • Senior project engineer

Whether students look for employment at The Earle Companies or other businesses in the trucking and transportation industries, they can trust that obtaining a CDL will give them lifelong career opportunities.

Learn More about Our Driving School in Jackson Township, NJ

Drivers located in Jackson, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas, including Central and South New Jersey, who want to earn their commercial driver’s license should turn to CDL Driving Academy Jackson. All of our courses are taught by highly trained instructors who have a desire to pass along their real-world experiences. Those interested in learning more about the Jackson campus can contact CDL Driving Academy Jackson directly or fill out the online form. 

Student driving training truck

Advantages of Learning with Driving Academy

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