CDL Training School in Linden, New Jersey

Embark on the road to success with Driving Academy in Linden, New Jersey, your premier destination for obtaining your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Our training school stands out in the landscape of CDL training, offering a comprehensive suite of CDL driver courses designed to cater to the aspirations of future truck drivers. Whether you’re starting your journey in the trucking industry or looking to enhance your driving skills, our CDL programs are tailored to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

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Why Choose Driving Academy in Linden, NJ?​

Dive into the world of professional driving with guaranteed results and unparalleled flexibility at your fingertips! Our guaranteed training courses will offer you over 100 hours of training and unlimited tries of the road test. 

Our CDL driver training courses run seven days a week, catering to your unique schedule and lifestyle. With just a few clicks, our students can effortlessly log into their portal accounts to enroll in any class that fits their agenda. 

Driving Academy offers payment plans for all CDL courses. Your CDL training can start with as little as $500 down. With your training, you also have access to our lifetime job placement services, where we help our graduates find jobs after earning their CDL. 

This enduring support system is designed to help our graduates not just find a job, but to carve out a rewarding career in the world of commercial driving.

New Jersey

Driving Academy – Linden

200 East Edgar Road
Linden, NJ 07036

School Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 1:00pm

CDL Training Programs in Linden, NJ

At Driving Academy, we understand the importance of quality education in securing a prosperous career. That’s why our three types of driver courses are meticulously crafted to ensure you gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to navigate the roads safely and efficiently.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced CDL instructors provide an immersive learning experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on CDL training.

We offer three types of CDL driver courses:

  • Class A CDL: This is the most common type of CDL license and allows truck drivers to drive vehicles such as tractor trailers that are more than 26,000 pounds and has trailer loads more than 10,000 pounds.
  • Class B CDL: This license enables drivers to operate commercial trucks such as box trucks with a combined weight of more than 26,000 pounds and trailer loads of less than 10,000 pounds.
  • Class B+P CDL: This type of license allows drivers to run passenger buses, as well as Class B vehicles.

Opportunity to Take Different Training Courses at Driving Academy

Students who enroll at Driving Academy can also take different training courses within each CDL licensing class, such as:

Guaranteed Training
  • These courses are the most extensive Driving Academy offers. They cover more than 100 hours of training, including classroom instruction to help you pass the written tests for your CDL permit. 
  • These courses include yard and road training to pass the CDL road test. Students receive unlimited road test attempts and vehicle rentals, meaning full support until passing the written and road tests for a CDL permit. 
CDL Full Courses
  • Driving Academy’s full courses have been designed to take our students from zero to hero in driving.
  • The full courses combine classroom training and behind-the-wheel training in our yard in Linden, NJ. 
  • Prepares students to pass written exams for a CDL permit and the CDL road test.
CDL Half Courses
  • Designed for those who already have a CDL permit, these courses help students prepare and pass a CDL road test
  • Students pass over the classroom training and move to yard training. 
  • Our yard training includes inspection training, basic skills/parking maneuvers, and proper road driving.

About Our CDL School In Linden, NJ

Exterior of Driving Academy's school in Linden, NJ

Our story began with a need to help people get on the road to freedom. Jonathan, Driving Academy’s founder, recognized that being a CDL driver awarded flexibility that other traditional jobs do not offer. After finding a need for quality CDL training, he and his associates started crafting plans to create their own CDL school.

Now, Driving Academy is seen as a top CDL driving school. Students across the US travel to our locations to learn and grow. We offer advanced technologies, like our driving simulators, to ensure students receive the education they deserve. One of the main goals of Driving Academy is to employ experienced, qualified driving professionals who share knowledge of their craft.

CDL School Instructors

Our school is proud to have a team of 16 amazing instructors. They come from different backgrounds and can teach in English, Spanish, and Creole, making sure all our students get the help they need in a language they understand. 

At the head of this great team is Eric. He’s really passionate about helping people change their lives by getting their CDL. What Eric loves most about his job is seeing students come back after they’ve passed their driving test. It’s even better when they share how getting their CDL has helped them find a great job and made a big difference in their lives. Eric and our instructors are all about helping you succeed in the world of truck driving.

Team of instructors

CDL School Facility

Our facility is equipped with top-notch features to ensure the best learning experience for aspiring CDL drivers. With three advanced trucking simulators, students can get a real feel for driving in various conditions without leaving the ground.

Our state-of-the-art classroom can comfortably seat 14 students, creating an ideal learning environment for our students. We offer comprehensive training for both Class A and Class B licenses, covering everything from manual to automatic trucks, and even bus training for those interested in a broader range of commercial driving.

Our 1-acre training yard is not just spacious, but also fully paved, so you won’t have to deal with mud. Plus, the yard is fully lit, allowing us to offer training at night. These facilities and training options ensures our students are well-prepared for their future in trucking, day or night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must be at least 18 years old with a VALID Drivers License. You must be 21 or older if you want to travel outside of your home state for work.

You must get a DOT physical completed at a DOT Certified Doctor. If you can visit our doctor in New Jersey, he can perform the physical for $100. Give us a call for more details at 908.525.3609

No you do not! We have many types of CDL courses available at Driving Academy. We have CDL half courses available for people who already have their permit. This course will get you ready to pass the CDL road test.

You ONLY need 3 things in order to get your CDL.

  1. Valid Drivers License
  2. Be healthy enough to pass a DOT physical
  3. Have a Social Security Number

The CDL road test can only be done in English. This means you will have to understand verbal directions in English to take the test. However, the written tests can be done in Spanish or English. Driving Academy has instructors that can speak Spanish and help you get ready for the CDL road test!

Yes, as long as your driver’s license is still valid you can get a CDL. When you sign up with our CDL school, we will even help you find a job with our lifetime Job Placement Program!

Yes, you can do a CDL road test in a truck that features an automatic transmission! However, you will have an automatic restriction on your CDL license if you do.

Driving Academy offers BOTH types of transmission options. Our students pick whether they want a truck with an automatic or manual transmission.

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