CDL Road Testing

To get a CDL, you must complete a 2.5 hour long CDL road test. The road test is split into 3 different parts, which consist of the pre-trip inspection, parking, and road driving.

CDL Road Test

Driving Academy is a fully-certified third-party CDL road test provider. This means that we are a company that can administer a CDL road test instead of your DMV or MVC. Our testing center can provide a road test for ANYONE from ANY state in the United States!

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The CDL Road test can take 2 and half hours in total to complete.
It will be split into 3 different parts:


Inspection (1 Hour)

This is where you have to inspect both the inside and outside of the truck.


Parking Skills Test (1 Hour)

This is where you will have to know how to park the truck up to 6 different ways.


Road Driving (30 mins)

You will be tested on your ability to operate the truck safely on about a 30 min road course.

Driving Academy is a Third-Party CDL Tester

Driving Academy provides you with the CDL road test, meaning you will be tested under our qualified professionals to earn your CDL. We have complete control over the road test schedule, which means you will never have to wait for a test date with the DMV. We provide the vehicle you will take your road test in.

Two ways to be tested by our company

1. You are a Driving Academy student

All Driving Academy students will be taking their CDL road test at our third-party testing site.

2. You have the CDL permit, and you only want a road test*

You do not have to come to our school to be tested by our examiners. We test according to the CDL federal mandate, so if you pass the minimum requirements to get your CDL, you can earn your CDL with a test at our facility. BEWARE: most people fail their CDL road test on the pre-trip inspection, so we recommend getting the proper training at Driving Academy. Be sure to study the pre-trip inspection if this is the route you plan to take!

*Availability of individual road tests may vary.

Types of Tests that are offered At Driving Academy!

CDL Class A Manual

CDL Class A Automatic

CDL Class B Manual

CDL Class B Automatic

CDL Class B + P (Bus)

Bring Your Own Vehicle


Testing is conducted at:

Driving Academy Testing Center
2201 Green lane
Levittown PA 19057

Once you pass your CDL Road Test we will submit your test results in to your home state. You will be able to go back to your DMV and pick up your CDL about 7 days after you take your CDL Road Test.

Yes you do. Unless you signed up for a guaranteed training course, because they come with unlimited tries at the road test. So you pay one flat price and you will keep trying until you walk away with a CDL.

Road Tests are set up on a first come first serve basis. You will have to pay for another road test again and then you will be put on the re test list. The wait time to retest could be any time from 1 to 4 weeks. 

Contact the office at 908.525.3609. We will ask you to view your CDL Permit and your valid drivers licenses. You will then have to make the road test fee payment. Once that is done we will put you on the waiting list and contact you when we have a road test date for you.

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