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Driving Academy was established to create the best learning environment for all our students. Since driving is something we take very seriously. Our founder came from a family of teachers and professional CDL drivers. He has, practically, grown up in this business and, teaching and driving is in his blood. Our founder has developed a system of driver education that can help even the most challenged students. He has truly taken this industry by storm by putting fundamental education before anything else.

Getting a License is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Pick a license to freedom




2. Pick a course to freedom

Flexible training options: You can pick your schedule around your needs
Training Times: Monday – Friday 7:30 – 9:00pm,  Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 1pm (weekend hours subject to change)

Guaranteed Training Course

Unlimited Road Test Rentals
Both Classroom & Yard Training
Full Time Only

Full Course

(Both Classroom + Yard Training)

Half Course

Just Yard Training

Full Time

(8 Hours per day)

Part Time

(4 Hours per day)

3. Pass test and earn your license to freedom

Why Driving Academy

Practice Test Questions & Answers
Combination Vehicle

We have provided a Sample of question that might come up for your written exam. These are not all the questions that will be on the test. For more sample questions or access to our online training course give us a call today.

Hint: Correct answer is underlined.

A. feeling the pull on your steering wheel
B. feeling a jerking in the back of the tractor
C. seeing it in your mirrors
D. hearing the squeal from the tires

A. keep the load centered
B. keep the load as low as possible
C. go slow around turns
D. all of the above

A. only during the day
B. with a distance of one second for every ten feet of your vehicle length
C. with a distance of one second for every twenty feet of your vehicle length
D. as close as possible so others don’t cut in

A. the rear wheels follow a different path than the front wheels
B. the rear trailer goes off the road
C. the rear wheels follow the front ones in a straight line
D. the front of the trailer pulls to the right

A. when they are empty
B. when they are loaded
C. than bobtail tractors
D. it takes the same amount of time whether empty or loaded

A. only at highway speeds
B. only when parking
C. only to test the trailer brakes
D. both B & C above

A. It keeps air in the tractor in the event the trailer air leaks
B. It is controlled by the trailer air supply valve in the cab
C. When it closes, it allows air to leak from the tractor line
D. It will close automatically if air pressure is low

A. The service air line
B. The emergency air line
C. The shut off valve
D. The hose coupler

A. the pin which locks the air brake lines together
B. a pin which locks the trailer to the tractor on the fifth wheel
C. a pin which locks the wheels on the axles
D. the pin a driver receives for safe driving

A. the pressure applied to the line by the foot brake or the trailer hand brake
B. the relay valve which connects the trailer air tanks to the trailer air brakes
C. the relay valve which sends air pressure from the trailer air tank to the trailer brake hambers
D. all of the above

A. is a red, triangular-shaped knob
B. is a yellow, square knob
C. is a red, square knob
D. is a red, eight sided knob

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