Our Story

Driving Academy was established to create the best learning environment for all our students. Since driving is something we take very seriously. Our founder came from a family of teachers and professional CDL drivers. He has, practically, grown up in this business and, teaching and driving is in his blood. Our founder has developed a system of driver education that can help even the most challenged students. He has truly taken this industry by storm by putting fundamental education before anything else.

Getting a License is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Pick a license to freedom




2. Pick a course to freedom

Flexible training options: You can pick your schedule around your needs
Training Times: Monday – Friday 7:30 – 9:00pm,  Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 1pm (weekend hours subject to change)

Guaranteed Training Course

Unlimited Road Test Rentals
Both Classroom & Yard Training
Full Time Only

Full Course

(Both Classroom + Yard Training)

Half Course

Just Yard Training

Full Time

(8 Hours per day)

Part Time

(4 Hours per day)

3. Pass test and earn your license to freedom

Why Driving Academy

Practice Test Questions & Answers
Passenger Endorsement

We have provided a Sample of question that might come up for your written exam. These are not all the questions that will be on the test. For more sample questions or access to our online training course give us a call today.

Hint: Correct answer is underlined.

A. be closed when operating the bus.
B. always have a red door light on.
C. be free to open for fresh air.

A. are against the law in some states.
B. make things seem smaller and further away than they really are.
C. do not need to be checked often because they show a larger area.

A. emergency handles have been removed.
B. every other handhold and railing is secure.
C. rider signaling devices are working.

A. not allow the rider to do so.
B. collect an extra fare for this type of cargo.
C. put the battery or gasoline in the cargo compartment.

A. within 2ft of an emergency exit.
B. in front of any open luggage space.
C. in front of the standee line.

A. at all times .
B. unless you will not be driving over 35 MPH.
C. only if your bus holds more than 27 people.

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