Where Truckers Work in the United States: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking to dive into the world of truck driving or simply curious about where truckers work in the United States, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will explore which states have the highest number of truck drivers, providing insights into the industry and how you can take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

Top States for Truck Drivers in the U.S.

The trucking industry is a crucial part of the U.S. economy, with over 1.7 million CDL drivers on the road. Here, we break down the states with the largest populations of truck drivers.

1. Texas

Number of Truck Drivers: 172,000

Texas tops the list as the state with the most truck drivers. Its vast size allows truckers to travel long distances without leaving the state, which can take more than a day depending on the route. Moreover, Texas is a no-income-tax state, allowing truckers to save significantly on taxes.

2. California

Number of Truck Drivers: 130,000

California, known for its extensive regulatory requirements, ranks second. Despite the strict emissions and other trucking regulations, the state’s massive economy and size provide ample opportunities for truck drivers. Many drivers can work exclusively within California and still cover substantial routes.

3. Pennsylvania

Number of Truck Drivers: 80,000

Pennsylvania might be a surprise to some, but its strategic location makes it a hub for truckers. With routes that connect the East Coast to the Midwest, Pennsylvania is essential for interstate transportation, contributing to its high number of truck drivers.

4. Florida

Number of Truck Drivers: 75,000

Florida, known for its lack of state income tax, is another attractive state for truckers. The state’s agricultural output, including famous products like Florida orange juice, requires extensive transportation networks, making it a prime location for truck drivers.

5. Ohio

Number of Truck Drivers: 71,000

Ohio rounds out the top five states with the most truck drivers. Its central location in the Midwest and extensive manufacturing industry make it a key player in the trucking industry.

The Trucking Industry’s Demand

Despite having close to 2 million truck drivers nationwide, the industry faces an 880,000 driver shortage. This gap presents a significant opportunity for new drivers to enter the field and build a lucrative career. The average truck driver salary is around $75,000, with many earning even more based on experience and routes.

How to Start Your Trucking Career

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Understanding where truckers work in the United States can help you make informed decisions about your career in the trucking industry. Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio are leading states with the highest number of truck drivers, each offering unique opportunities and benefits. With the current driver shortage, now is an excellent time to start your training and join this vital industry. Visit CDL Driving Academy to begin your path to a rewarding truck driving career.