CDL Jobs That Don’t Require Driving: 5 Career Paths for CDL Holders

Are you thinking a CDL license only qualifies you to drive trucks? Think again. While a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is essential for truck drivers, it opens doors to a variety of non-trucking jobs that value or require this certification. Here are five career paths where a CDL can give you a significant edge, allowing you to leverage your skills in diverse and lucrative fields.

1. Bus Driver

School Bus Driver and Coach Bus Driver: These roles require a CDL Class B license, with endorsements for passengers and school buses. School bus drivers transport students, while coach bus drivers work for companies like Coach and Academy, driving longer routes with adult passengers. This job not only benefits from having a CDL but often mandates it. The average salary for bus drivers ranges between $40,000 to $55,000, with higher potential earnings in certain regions.

2. Firefighter

Firefighters with a CDL: While not legally required, many fire departments prefer or mandate a CDL for their drivers due to insurance requirements. Having a CDL can make you a more attractive candidate in this competitive field. Firefighters benefit from a flexible schedule, often working a few consecutive days followed by several days off, which allows for part-time CDL-related work on the side.

3. Heavy Equipment Operator

Construction Equipment Operators: Operating heavy machinery like backhoes, bulldozers, and excavators typically doesn’t require a CDL since they’re used on private property. However, construction companies highly value CDL holders who can transport this equipment to job sites. This dual capability can make you indispensable, increasing job security and earning potential.

4. Motorman

Light Rail and Trolley Operators: Known as motormen, these operators manage electric vehicles for public transportation. While not always required, a CDL with a passenger endorsement is highly beneficial, especially for companies operating buses as well. This flexibility can fast-track your career progression and open opportunities for better pay and varied responsibilities within the company.

5. Chauffeur

Professional Chauffeurs: Driving luxury cars for VIP clients can be an excellent career move for CDL holders. The CDL marks you as a professional and reliable driver, making you a preferred candidate for high-end chauffeur services. This job not only offers a good base salary but also lucrative tips and the chance to meet influential and famous individuals.


A CDL is far more versatile than many realize, opening up numerous opportunities beyond trucking. Whether you aim to drive a bus, join the fire service, operate heavy machinery, manage public transport vehicles, or become a high-end chauffeur, your CDL can be a significant asset.

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